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Short Information about Asinella
Please contact us for detailed information in English: Tel. (49)8808-924280,
e-mail: hallo@asinella.com

ASINELLA focusses on these topics:
  • Animal assisted leisure activities and events for children
  • Hiking tours with donkeys
  • Courses on Natural Horsemanship with donkeys
  • Courses on "Donkeys as Therapy Animals"
  • Animal assisted education
  • Animal assisted therapy
  • Animal assisted personal training
  • Hiking tours combined with nature studies
Our Book "Donkeys and Humans" is available now
ISBN: 9-783-7347-8977-9

Asinella Book donkeys and humans 2nd edition
Animal assisted therapy:
Nine well trained and educated donkeys (natural horsemanship according to Pat Parelli, level 3-4) are ready to interact with children, adults, seniors, handicaped people.
They can play important supportive roles in the following ways:
  • Detect, appeal to and strengthen feelings
  • Help free up inflexibilities, both mental as well as motor-driven
  • Help to relax and find balance
  • Help the patients to discover new skills and approaches
  • Make the participants laugh49
  • Point out strengths and weaknesses in the status quo of the patient
  • Lead to something significant and previously overlooked
  • Lead patients out of dead ends, help find new avenues and stabilise them
  • Add effective impulses to the daily routine of the therapy
  • Help to achieve a state of natural health
Animal assisted education...
...can play an important supportive role in kindergartens, day nurseries, elementary schools, secondary and (junior) high schools, schools for special needs.
Donkeys can help
  • Loosening up and enriching the learning resources
  • Supporting perception, emotions and creativity
  • Activating the sense of balance
  • Motivating mental and physical mobility
  • Joy, fun, experimenting with something new
  • Conveying feelings like warmth, security, safety
  • Stimulating perceptual diversity
  • Supporting independence
  • Relaxing
Donkey assisted adult education and personal training has it's main aims and objectives on
  • Collecting new insights
  • Regulating self-evaluation
  • Experiencing joy, fun, surprises and also well-tried
  • Learning to improve short- as well as long-term active relaxation
  • Filtering out what is essential
  • Re-defining naturalness and authenticity
Hiking tours with donkeys:
All year long we spend almost every Sunday in the Bavarian alps and offer hiking tours with the donkeys. The participants can get their "donkey guiding license", learning lots of special knowledge about donkeys, theoretically as well as practically.

Safety and comfort both for our participants as well as for the animals are important factors on all our activities.